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Advocating for upscaling for local climate solutions as Eco Village Development as a mean to strengthen pro-poor climate agenda in South Asia

Development objective: The overall objective of the project is to strengthen development for reducing poverty in ways that limit greenhouse gas emissions (mitigate climate change) and adapt to climate change in South Asia by better including local climate mitigation and adaptation solutions in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and relevant SDGs, and as well as in proposals from South Asia for international negotiations such as within the UNFCCC.

Intervention objective: The intervention objective of the project is to influence national decision-makers, including climate negotiators, to be aware of and better include local climate mitigation and adaptation solutions in their national implementation plans of the Paris Agreement and relevant SDGs, and as well as in their proposals for and documentation to international negotiations such as the UNFCCC. The local solutions shall be integrated solutions that together can form a low-carbon development path (transition) and visualize a prosperous development for villages, based on proven, local successes, also known as Eco-Village Development (EVD) solutions. Most focus will be on villages in rural areas, where the majority of the population lives in South Asia.

News and Events

Gramashakthi People’s Movement, Awareness Workshop Organized by the District Secretariat Matale, 22/09/2017 , Matale District Office

Resource personnel: Mr R M Amerasekara, Mr Namiz Musafer, Mr Dumindu Herath, Mr Abayawardana at the  Gramashakthi People’s Movement, workshop held in Matale for Development officials and Planning officials organized by the Matale District secretariat.  

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EVD 2 Workshop report


Meeting with District Secretary, Planning Director, NGO coordinator of District Secretariat Matale, 12/07/2017  , Matale District Office

Participants :Mr Marikar, Chairman, IDEA, Mr R M Amerasekara, Executive Director, Mr Dumindu Herath , Project Manager
Purpose:To discuss the way forward with EVD and how to collaborate with Governmental Development initiatives and promote Sustainable Village Development planning with building capacity of Village Development Officials


Meeting with District Secretary Report

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